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Why should I use HCEPartners instead off my usual Recruitment Agency?

Our approach generates results. Rather than focus on what you hire – the job families, industry, or geographical area – we address how you hire. Whether it’s through a single search or placement of a healthcare professional, HCEP helps improve your internal facility structure and empower your organization for sustained success. By alleviating the root-level causes that prevent you from obtaining the people your business requires, we elevate your talent acquisition and drive greater value for your business. The result? Not only do you get top talent faster, more effectively, and within your budget, but you also build a foundation for long-term talent management success.

How do I know if recruitment outsourcing is right for my business?

Outsourcing all or part of your recruitment process is an important decision that should only be made after a careful examination of your current processes, resources, and recruitment needs and challenges.  This can be conducted internally, or with the assistance of an outside consultant.

If you think that an outsourced recruitment program is right for your needs, we recommend trying a six month pilot program.  A pilot is a concept that allows us to calibrate the outsourced recruiting solution to your business needs, while enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of the results and fit your business.  We often deliver pilot programs that focus on specific roles or sectors (i.e. Healthcare positions, Information Technology positions, etc.) and/or geographical region (i.e. all roles for Miami, Chicago, etc.).  To discuss an outsourced recruitment pilot program in more detail, please contact our Client Services.

What type of candidates do you provide?

We provide professionals at all levels of seniority on a contract or permanent basis, including specialist resources. Our network of professional talents contains more than 50,000 individuals – and is always growing.

Do you provide support across the U.S.?

Yes, from our head office in Boston to our satellite offices in Florida and Texas, we’ve successfully delivered recruitment services across US. The reach of our network of 1,600 affiliates has allowed us to satisfy customers all over in the United States.

Whom do you use to deliver your recruitment solutions?

The recruitment consultants that work with our Solutions division on outsourced recruiting programs are some of the best recruiters in the industry. Before considering an individual for placement with a client, all recruiters undergo HCEP’s rigorous interview, testing, and background check processes. However, it’s only once a contract recruiter has proven him/herself on a range of contract placements with a minimum of 250 offsite hours and received positive customer feedback that s/he will be considered for a consultant role with our Solutions team.

How do you price your recruitment solutions?

Our Recruitment Solutions are priced according to the needs of your organization and recruitment volumes. We’ve offered outsourced recruitment programs/projects on a time and materials basis, fixed price delivery, and fully customized pricing models. Regardless of the pricing model that best fits your business, we offer flexible and scalable Recruitment Solutions that may be modified as required to accommodate your current needs and hiring volume. You only pay for the services that you need, when you need them.

How do you source candidates?

Each sourcing strategy is customized to the nature and seniority of the role, the customer’s industry, and the target candidate group(s). Core elements of our sourcing strategies often include:


  • Research, and name generation
  • Direct sourcing
  • Networking and referrals; Social media networking, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Online job postings and advertisements, including niche job boards and targeted ads
  • Industry associations and community groups
  • Database searches (internal/external).

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

While we require a signed contract for all services that we perform, we do not require you to work with HCEP on an exclusive basis. Unless otherwise specified, you’re welcome to continue to engage other recruitment agencies or your current outsourced recruiting provider to ensure that you have the range of specialized services that your business requires.

How do you protect confidential customer and candidate information?

As a trusted partner, protecting our customers’ and candidates’ sensitive and confidential information is paramount to our success. We have comprehensive policies and procedures that dictate how such information must be obtained, stored, accessed, and destroyed, as well as technical systems to limit access to such information to necessary staff. Our COO acts as our company Security Officer, and is responsible for tracking, monitoring and resolving any issues or incidents.