There are a lot of excellent contingency and retained search firms in the US market. Why trust HCEP with your healthcare staffing needs?

Different Focus, Different Results

We believe a recruitment firm should deliver more than hires. HCEP helps improve and augment your recruitment structure, and empower your team for sustained success.

Rather than focus on what you hire – the job families, industry, or geographical area – we address how you hire. By alleviating the root-level causes that prevent you from obtaining the people your business requires, we elevate your talent acquisition and drive greater value for your business.

Striving for Shared Achievement

We’re not the biggest company in the market – and we’re proud of that fact. We view it as an opportunity to develop close partnerships with our customers. As a specialized healthcare staffing firm, we have a personal approach based on transparency, honesty, and mutual benefit, and deliver solutions designed for each customer’s unique needs.

We’re not the right solution for everyone. But for businesses looking to collaborate with a strategic recruitment partner, we can drive success that you’ll see reflected across your entire organization.

Exemplary Candidate Experiences

Maintaining a strong brand is imperative in a competitive marketplace, when today’s candidate may be tomorrow’s customer.

That’s why we make delivering an exemplary candidate experience a priority throughout each engagement, fully aligned with your organization’s culture and values. As your recruitment partner, we view ourselves as agents of your brand, and an extension of your team. We strive to maintain your high standards and deliver a positive experience at every stage of the recruitment process.